Mr.Pink Juice review plus giveaway.

Let me first start this review by saying I purchased this eliquid at my own expense, whether I purchase the eliquid or not however, my reviews will always be unbiased and accurate.

Mr. Pink by The Vaporatory

  • pome·gran·ateMr.Pink
  • [ pómmə grànnət ]
  • round red fruit: a round reddish fruit with a tough rind enclosing numerous seeds within a tart juicy red pulp
  • Dragon FruitMr.Pink
  • pitaya / or pitahaya /cactus species. “Pitaya” usually refers to fruit of the genus Stenocereus, while “Pitahaya” or “Dragonfruit” always refers to fruit of the genus Hylocereus.

Pomegranate + Dragon Fruit = Mr. Pink.

The last few reviews i’ve done on this line of eliquid have honestly been pretty simplistic. The flavors pop out almost immediately, and you can vape a bottle of eliquid you particularly enjoy and feel good about it. This however, is the most complex eliquid i’ve vaped from this company, and the only reason for that is the only dragon fruit flavor i’ve ever tasted is from a Vodka, so there’s that.

I’ll have to be honest and say this flavor required the most steeping time out of all the other eliquid i’ve purchased from Corey & Max (3 days). The first day, it tasted great momentarily but then it turned floral on me all the sudden. Without hesitating, I stopped vaping it entirely and started steeping it in hot water consistently to bring out the flavor. After day 3 you began to notice the undertones of the dragon fruit coming out on the exhale more and more because initially all I was getting was pomegranate.

The vapor production is fantastic for a 40/60 mix (40VG/60PG) but bare in mind, this will always be different based on your vaping setup. I personally use a Kayfun 3.1 clone 9 times out of 10, which is known to produce an extraordinary amount of flavor and vapor production.

After 3 days of steeping, the flavor has punched out tremendously and I can see myself vaping this all day, it tastes like a fruity drink you would mix normally with vodka when at a party out with your friends.

Overall I would give this juice flavor a good review. I particularly enjoy it, and prefer it even more when I mentholate it. That being said, I always end up mentholating flavors that happen to be fruity, and for 50ML for $15.00, you cant go wrong (Side note: They are now selling 50ML bottles for $15.00 this week on their site).

Now for the give-away!!

The Vaporatory appreciates all the customers they have received recently, and would like to thank the readers by giving away a 30ML bottle of eliquid of your choosing. So go to their site and pick out your preferred kind of juice. In order to participate in this giveaway, name the eliquid that you’d like (if you were to win) and list the nicotine level you would want shipped to you.

On Tuesday evening, I will randomly pick one winner (through and send you out a free 30ML bottle of eliquid of your choosing.

This is for ECR only, so if you are reading this on facebook or google+ or twitter, you’ll need to join and subscribe to in order to get a chance at the giveaway, Then post your comment here.

Whether you win or not, The Vaporatory appreciates your support, and has listed a special coupon code for all readers. From now until May 31st, use coupon code MVSMRPINK for 10% off all orders at

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