The ecig industry members need to choose sides

As days go by, and more and more vendors have read thoroughly through the proposed regulations it’s becoming unclear what side of the political aisle each one stands on. Of course the small B&M’s that are educated on the FDA’s proposed plans are opposing the meat and potatoes of it, but that should come as no...

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Should the FDA have the right to regulate the ecig industry?

We all know that some standards and laws should be passed in the industry, but should the FDA have the right to regulate the ecig/vaping industry? I think we can all agree that prohibiting the sale to minors is a given in this circumstance, every vendor would (and does) support 18+ regulations on their own, and that having labels...

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A message to all ecig B&M’s

There has some very scary news articles coming out with B&M owners endorsing the FDA’s proposed regulations, and I can only attribute that to the owners simply not reading the meat and potatoes of the proposed regulations. If you own a ecig shop, these regulations will not only effect you negatively, but could also put...

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It’s time to panic.

Apr 25, 14 It’s time to panic.

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  It’s time to panic, and not in a “Let’s stock pile up on juice and batteries” type panic. The type of reaction you are going to need from this panic is going to require prudence. Do not listen to any person in the vaping community that is telling you “Don’t freak out! it’s all going...

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Hades Clone by Tobeco Part 2

Apr 22, 14 Hades Clone by Tobeco Part 2

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Hades Clone by Tobeco Review – Part 2 I would like to thank the readers who have kept up with our initial review of the Hades clone. The second part will be discussing the last segments that were not covered in part 1 due to time constraints of both myself and Allyn the guest writer on MVS. We also didn’t want to...

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Start practicing your vaping without nicotine.

It’s about time we started discussing something that really hasn’t been a genuine topic in years, and that’s entertaining the idea of vaping without nicotine. There are a ton of you that are avid advocates (say that 10 times fast) towards making sure ecig bans (or over-regulation) don’t happen. Even with all...

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